I remember feeling debilitated by a lack of self-worth and the stress that resulted from my destructive relationship with myself throughout my teens and early twenties.  I remember feeling lost. I didn't have the support I needed nor the guidance about where to look for help.


Anxiety, depression, feelings of hopelessness and low self-esteem have reached epidemic proportions in our society and much of today's youth are lacking the understanding and tools to help navigate these internal challenges.

This is why i've created programs that infuse some of the latest and accessible tools to help youth:

  • manage stress and anxiety

  • claim their self-worth and innate value

  • cultivate a strong sense of self that allows them to take risks and go after their dreams

  • understand 'survival brain' and not be ruled by the inner critic

  • heal depression & anxiety

  • connect to their inner wisdom

  • open up and claim their inner gifts

Available Program Formats
Full Day
Half Day
WAYS to bring our Programs
to your school or community
Yoga/Mindfulness Classes as part of
Daytime Curriculum/After School Program
Wellness Initiatives, Presentations, Mindfulness Days & Mindfulness Themes, Demos

-30min classes/demos exploring wellness themes and discussing benefits

-as part of a rotation of wellness events

Mental Health Week
HER emPOWERment Programs

HER emPOWERment is an initiative to bring empowerment to adolescent girls in their personal development of self-esteem, emotional intelligence and self-care in body, mind and heart. HER emPOWERment Initiative is for girls 13yrs+



HER CHERISHED BODY: Yoga+Mindfulness


These classes teach Mindful Movement with Yoga, Breathing and Mindfulness Practices to become of aware of thoughts, emotions and arising inner needs. Class learning objectives:

  • befriending the body as an ally and loving messenger

  • learning to hear and feel early signs of stress and tension

  • learning tools to release tension

  • cultivating self-trust and confidence being in her own skin

  • learning to take charge of her well-being in empowering ways that feel good to HER

  • connecting HER to her inner body wisdom and joy

Classes are 60-90 minutes long and are offered as a stand alone class, or a series of classes (6 classes to complete the curriculum).



HER SELF-ESTEEM: Emotional Boundaries (ages 15yrs +)

This deeply empowering experience teaches girls how to spot controlling behaviour and maintain emotional boundaries and self-esteem in the face of it. Learning objectives:

  • understanding the major ways in which we give our power away through emotional care-taking, silence, self-oppression, people-pleasing, etc.

  • spotting and handling the many faces of emotional control: criticism, judgment, blame, verbal abuse, diminishment, shaming, etc. 

  • learning to set emotional boundaries in the face of overt and covert control

  • assertive communication of boundaries

  • deep sense of empowerment and confidence to use her inner sword and own her worth

Running time: 1.5-2 hours





This workshop introduces tapping from the field of Energy Psychology to help release emotional distress and stuck feelings while learning self-responsibility and self-compassion. Learning objectives:

  • awareness and mapping of emotions in the body

  • understanding the thought-emotion-behaviour model

  • learning to handle inner resistance with uncomfortable emotions

  • a powerful and easy-to-use tool to release difficult emotions

  • understanding the link between emotions and needs

  • developing self-compassion and building inner safety

running time: 1.5-2hrs

YOGA-physically releases stress from the body and helps us have an embodied experience of peace. 
MINDFULNESS-rewires and reshapes our brain for happiness, presence and so much more.
TAPPING-has miraculous stress-relieving effects on the nervous system
that can be achieved within minutes.
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