Explore the latest tools from the fields of Neuroscience, Mindfulness & Psychology as they pertain to creating a more balanced & stress-less life. Learn to tame the amygdala, the body's alarm system, and tap into the power of the mind to bring the body, thoughts and emotions into a state of calm. Our session consists of lecture-style and practical components.

We will explore:

  • Physical, psychological and emotional roots of stress

  • Practical tools to keep your inner alarm system in check

  • Practices to cultivate self-awareness and stress resilience

  • Accessing a state of inner stillness

  • Emotional, mental and physical factors that build stress resilience

  • Creating a personal Stress Resilience Road Map

The second part of the workshop is practical and experiential. Explore:

  • Guided Relaxation Practices

  • Guided Practices for emotional and psychological well-being


Running Time: max 2hrs (shorter time spans can be accommodated)


This workshop explores how Mindfulness affects the brain and how you can start wiring your brain for contentment, focus, presence, compassion and self-love. We will explore the latest research from Neuroscience and experience a variety of Mindfulness practices to help you bring Mindfulness into your every day life. Walk away, inspired, empowered and equipped to implement everything you’ve learned into practice. We will explore:


  • Latest research from Neuroscience on how Mindfulness affects the brain

  • Mindfulness practices of thoughts, emotions, body, movement and more

  • Mindful challenges and practical implementation tips to bring mindfulness into your every day life


In the practical component of this workshop, we will cover:

  • personal practices

  • interpersonal discussion


Running time: 2hrs max



This workshop explores the relationship between beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviours and how to tap into the power of the mind to break free from coping patterns that don't serve us. Learn to recognize and shift limiting belief patterns. We will fuse wisdom from the fields of Neuroscience and Energy Psychology for a thorough understanding of what it takes to unlearn old and embody new ways of being.

Our primary tool will be Tapping and we will learn the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). To learn more about tapping, CLICK HERE

This workshop is for anyone who wants to understand how weeds (limiting beliefs) start growing in our mental landscape, how to remove them and plant new empowering beliefs!

Running time: 2hrs max


'What an amazing workshop! I really am starting to understand where to begin in terms of reducing my stress and increasing my relaxation.  You did a wonderful job of explaining all the triggers as well as solutions for combating stress. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!'-Jen


'I wish I had this information years ago. It opened my eyes to difficulties I had when I was still working and which still sometimes bother me. Now I have tools to find a solution. I will definitely use what I've learned.'-Julie


' This was a very exhilarating experience for me. I actually understood what is going on in my life. I think I will feel better about myself. It was a pleasure to attend this workshop.'-Linda


'Great workshop. Very insightful & interesting. Taught me that the simplest things are the best to help heal and that I am in control of me and my well being on so many levels. Keep up the great work because you're helping a lot of people!'-Josie