Faculty Yoga + Mindfulness Classes 

An all-levels class that combines movement and mindfulness with the intention to: 

release mental and psychological stress

release physical tensions

reconnect with oneself

fill up the inner energy bucket

practice self-care

get in touch with own needs

cultivate self compassion

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to your community of Educators

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Learn about your survival brain, the body's alarm system, and tap into your personal power to turn off the alarm and turn on a state of calm. Our session consists of lecture-style and practical components. Learning objectives:


  • Physical, psychological and emotional roots of stress

  • Practical tools to keep your alarm system in check

  • Learning about and accessing your personal reservoir of inner stillness in times of stress

  • Emotional, mental and physical factors that build stress resilience

  • Creating a personal Stress Resilience Road Map



This workshop explores how Mindfulness Practice affects the brain and how you can wire your brain for contentment, focus, compassion and self-love. This hands on workshop is full of personal practice opportunities! Learning objectives:


  • Latest research from Neuroscience on how Mindfulness affects the brain

  • Mindfulness practices to cultivate self-awareness, relaxation and self-compassion

  • Practical tips to bring mindfulness into your every day life

  • Discussion of potential challenges and how to overcome them



This workshop explores the relationship between beliefs, thoughts, emotions and behaviours and how to tap into the power of the mind to break free from coping patterns that once kept us safe, but now keep us stuck! Learning objectives:​


  • Learn to recognize and shift limiting belief patterns  

  • Understand the neuroscience behind what it takes to unlearn old and embody new ways of being

  • Learn the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)/tapping to release old hurts and stuck emotions


Walk away empowered and inspired to create inner freedom!

This workshop is for anyone who wants to understand how weeds (limiting beliefs) start growing in our mental landscape, how to remove them and plant new seeds of empowering beliefs!


To learn more about tapping, CLICK HERE​


Running time: all workshops run for 1-2hrs

There are many ways in which Wellness Initiatives can positively affect staff, some of which include:

  • improved workplace morale

  • positive attitude

  • empowerment

  • motivation & inspiration

  • increased creativity

  • interconnectedness and sense of belonging

It is often very common for the above to carry over over to the students of the teachers who experience these benefits through the phenomenon of attunement.

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