HER emPOWERment is an initiative to bring empowerment to adolescent girls in their personal development of self-esteem, emotional intelligence and self-care in body, mind and heart. 
HER emPOWERment Initiative is for girls 13yrs+
HER Empowering Offerings
HER CHERISHED BODY: Yoga+Mindfulness
These classes teach Mindful Movement with Yoga, Breathing and Mindfulness Practices to become of aware of thoughts, emotions and arising inner needs. Class learning objectives:
  • befriending the body as an ally and loving messenger
  • learning to hear and feel early signs of stress and tension
  • learning tools to release tension
  • cultivating self-trust and confidence being in her own skin
  • learning to take charge of her well-being in empowering ways that feel good to HER
  • connecting HER to her inner body wisdom and joy
Classes are 60-90min long and are offered as a stand alone class or a series of classes (6 classes to complete the curriculum)
HER SELF-ESTEEM: Emotional Boundaries (ages 15yrs +)
This deeply empowering experience teaches girls how to spot controlling behaviour and maintain emotional boundaries and self-esteem in the face of it. Learning objectives:
  • understanding the major ways in which we give our power away through emotional care-taking, silence, self-oppression, people-pleasing, etc.
  • spotting and handling the many faces of emotional control: criticism, judgment, blame, verbal abuse, diminishment, shaming, etc. 
  • learning to set emotional boundaries in the face of overt and covert control
  • assertive communication of boundaries
  • deep sense of empowerment and confidence to use her inner sword and own her worth
Running time: 1.5-2hrs 
This workshop introduces tapping from the field of Energy Psychology to help release emotional distress and stuck feelings while learning self-responsibility and self-compassion. Learning objectives:
  • awareness and mapping of emotions in the body
  • understanding the thought-emotion-behaviour model
  • learning to handle inner resistance with uncomfortable emotions
  • a powerful and easy-to-use tool to release difficult emotions
  • understanding the link between emotions and needs
  • developing self-compassion and building inner safety
running time: 1.5-2hrs
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