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Welcome to


If you are a leader who works with youth and educators

and you are looking to bring empowerment,

well-being and inspiration to your community,

then you've come to the right place.

Empowerment, Connection,
Resilience & Mindfulness
are our values.

**Mindful Bodies is a TDSB-Approved Educational Partner.

Boards we have worked with:

Toronto District School Board

PEEL District School Board

York Region District School Board

Our services are offered for all boards across the GTA


I began my journey of healing and self-empowerment fresh out of university. At 21, I had very low self-esteem, I was depressed, I had a full blown eating disorder, I abused alcohol and I was in an abusive relationship. I lived to meet the needs and wants of everyone around me while keeping appearances that everything was ok. I had no sense of my self, my needs or what I wanted for myself. 

At 22, after graduating university and working at a corporate job for 5mths, I hit rock bottom. I was so depressed and self-destructive, I knew I had to make a change. So I did. Little did I know, it would change the trajectory of my entire life ...


We offer programs, classes and workshops that aim to empower youth and educators to cultivate happy, healthy and mindful relationships with themselves in body, mind and heart.

Tools like yoga, mindfulness and positive psychology are infused together to help develop:

a strong sense of self-esteem & self-worth
stress resilience
emotional grit
a healthy relationship with oneself
mindfulness of thought, word and deed
self-awareness & self-compassion
holistic well-being from the inside out